Behind the Scenes

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I love cooking for my family! I believe time spent in the kitchen should be fun so, the recipes you’ll find here will have a variety of ingredients, full of bold flavors and most importantly taste tested by my loved ones. I am by no means a trained chef but food is my passion and the kitchen is my lab so, taking traditional foods we love and making them healthier is my goal! 

As author of Cilantro & Limes, I’ll bring to your kitchen table ideas that are well versed yet simple, colorful, and health conscious. I love to try new foods but have a soft spot for Latin flavors! As a working mom, I try and spend my free time with my son since there’s this thing called “growing up” so I will share my mommy experiences and parenting tips. 

I see Cilantro & Limes not only reaching out with deliciousness that I hope can reach your kitchen but a place where food is a lifestyle. 

Fun Facts:

  • We are a superhero loving family!
  • We are from the Garden State, New Jersey!
  • So of course this follows, we are huge:
    • NY Giants fans… goooooooo BIG BLUE!
    • Gooooo NY Yankees!
  • My Favorite food: Brownies and tacos 🙂
  • We’re down to earth as you can see below!


We like fun filters 🙂
We apple pick in the fall!
Rain at games? No problem!
We chill at the beach!









I decided to share my cooking experiences not only to help open up my own pallet but to help open yours as well. If you love recipe variety or looking to be a little more experimental in your kitchen you have come to the right place. I plan to show you how easy it can be to spice up the kitchen with different flavors while keeping things simple in our hectic lives. It can be hard to juggle all that may be going on but being able to end your day enjoying a well deserved plate with your family is totally worth it!

I look forward to taking this journey with you so please subscribe to Cilantro & Limes!




Oh before I let you go, there are some things I need to let you know! 

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And remember, food is a lifestyle and this is more than just a tasty place to read!